Friday, February 5, 2010

A life in the day…

By Chithrangada Nanda
Gentle breeze wafts through the half-opened window like a mother's hand patting down her daughter’s thighs, so soothing that it drifts me to a transcendental state where I am transformed into a fiery spirit floating like a cloud in the thoughtless (therefore, weightless) world of dreams.
It is the world of independent souls where no crusader can invade and possess you. My own world, made with the finest, purest and pristine feelings such as love, compassion, care and empathy.
Dreams are like the wands of magician: They grant your wish with in seconds. Today, the wand gave me the much coveted peacock with the full fan of feathers, displaying all the vibrant hues (otherwise hidden beneath the enigmatic smile), dancing with abandon, celebrating the arrival of the summer rain (which never comes), enthralling, captivating the attention of world with a jig of the feet and flutter of the feathers.
Ding...... Here comes the over-enthusiastic salesman, the ever chirpy Lavachechi, (the middle-aged buxom neighbour) pulling me out into the dreary world of banana bajias, unfinished homework, a kiss on the cheek, a pat on the bum, and of yelling, shouting and, of course, the ‘making up embrace.
And here am I, confused about the two worlds that I often step in and out, hardly discernible from each other (to me, or others?).
Happy? Yes, I’m.
Unhappy? Yes, I’m.
I could say, at the moment, I am happy to be in this unhappy state.

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  1. nice thoughts penned...

    happy to be in this unhappy state...

    its like taking life happily... nice.